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AssetsTech is a could base web portal system. The System allow any firm to manage the project financially. The system is built to be user friendly where the complexity of accounting is hidden from users. So no need for financial experience or any financial certificate to work on the system. The system has the following sub modules:

  • Projects
  • Vendors (Suppliers)
  • Contractor
  • Customers
  • Project Journal
  • Project Expenses
  • Payments Method
  • Cheque Transactions
  • Banks
  • Petty Cash
  • User Management (Role and privileges)
  • Reporting

Why AssetsTech?


is a Multi user system based on a centralized database that keeps information available to all users with no need for data redundancy and with no constraints on the number of persons accessing the system


is a fully integrated application. All of AssetsTech sub-systems are incorporated together with a strong methodology. Although AssetsTech is one system, each sub-system ¬can be used as a separate module


is developed to make data entry and the data retrieval processes simple with only a few clicks of the mouse needed to input information.


development team is continuously working to enhance the product and striving to be a leader in the development of new technologies.

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